There are just so many things lining up in your head, messing your train of thought to the point where you just stop and panic. But it is also because of technology that you need not be the walking encyclopedia to remember all your tasks. With just a simple press or a click on your Android gadgets, life will be much easier.

For the year 2011, here is a list of the best Android organizational applications that can serve you well:

1. Evernote

Evernote is a simple organizational app that lets you record your ideas or experiences in notes online and sync them with several devices afterwards. Ever since the app was released in 2009, it has been constantly improving. The recent version of Evernote for Android 3.0 even comes with powerful features which are enough to topple off the previous ones. For one, the latest Evernote has the feature, Browse and Edit Shared Notebooks, which allows you to link a shared notebook to your account and to browse through any of them afterwards. The new version also allows you to search and create notes within your notebooks. Instead of searching from all your notes, you can now browse through a shorter list, thus, letting you save your precious time. You just have to tap on a specific notebook, tap on the search icon, and search within that notebook. Another cool feature of the new Evernote is the option to add location data to your existing notebooks. You just have to edit the existing note, tap the Menu button and the Set Location option afterwards, and then drop the map pin to wherever you want the note to be. When you are planning for a trip, this is a very helpful feature to make sure you're not getting behind from your plans.

2. Astrid Task

Another organization app that helps you manage all your future tasks is the Astrid Task. It works primarily by making a list of your tasks and be reminded afterwards. To create a task, you either type the action into a quick entry box and press the + button afterwards or you just press the button found on the bottom right to add actions. To synchronize these tasks with your gadget, you need to setup Sync with GoogleTasks by pressing Menu, Settings, and Synchronization. The recent version of this app includes features which introduce clean user interface styles and which provide fix options for notes which are not removed when the new ones are made. Other things done by this app are tagging, sorting of your smart tasks, hiding them and showing their progress from time to time. The upside of Astrid Task is that it helps you organize your hectic life and reminds you always of the things you need to do.

3. SpringPad

Wherever you go, SpringPad is always there to guide you. This organization app categorizes all notes you have created and gives you powerful features worth remembering. From tagging to creating notes that separate your home and work plans to using the Board that lets you visually plan your next steps, the SpringPad is the most flexible app you can ever dream of. Aside from automatically synchronizing your notes with your devices, this app also automatically uses the Internet to provide you useful information. SpringPad constantly updates you with reviews, price drops, and reservations – all without being prompted to.

4. Shuffle

If you're looking for an app that is both complete and intuitive, then Shuffle is the right match for you. So far, its best feature is the presence of multi-step projects. With this feature, you just have to click Projects, click the Menu button, and add a new one afterwards. To make them more manageable, you can add a context or category, like Errands, Work or Home. So, if you're on the go for example, you just have to check your Errands context. After making a context, you just click the Project and add a series of actions. Worth knowing too is that when you open this app, you get to see an Inbox, which practically feeds you everything. You can find all actions here, from tasks down to errands, and they all get filtered through this one inbox. There is also that Due Actions list, which reminds you of what you need to do in the coming days. Shuffle is really the app that gives your life an organizing boost – in a very neat way.

PageOnce Travel

This app is especially customized to manage all your travel plans. PageOnce Travel checks travel details like your flight information for example, leaving you no reason to be left next time at the airport. It also updates you of the weather in case you are always wary of the coming storms and it can also check car rentals for you in case you want to have your own vehicle while traveling. What's amazing is that PageOnce Travel can do all these tasks in a real-time environment, which means you're really getting the latest information possible.

Source by Danny Mitchell Ashton




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