Want to play some games on your new Android phone, but do not know what to download first? Let this round-up guide you in your quest.

Girl Skip – An Anime-style cross between Minesweeper and Hopscotch, in which you have to clear the board of randomly placed 1s, 2s and As by pressing numbers on the keypad corresponding to the distance you want to cover with your next move. There is a handy helper mode that tells you all the available moves at any given point.

Hold em – Poker fans might want to download this fun Texas Hold em simulator, which works ok, but the double tapping and card tossing features overcomplicate an already fiddly control system.

JK Connect Four – This two player only connect 4 simulator is a functional enough version of the classic game, with basic graphics and no extra features, but the lack of a single player mode means that you probably will not be spending a whole lot of time with it.

Light Racer – Fans of the iconic Disney sci-fi movie Tron might want to give this version of the light cycle game from that movie. The aim of the game is to drive your bike around, leaving a colored trail behind you that your opponents have to avoid if they want to stay in the game, with the aim being to trap them without entangling yourself.

Lights Out – A frustratingly addictive puzzle game, which involves targeting invisibly linked lights on and off with your finger on the touch screen, in an attempt turn the grid completely black. Superb.

Lunar Lander – One of the worst games for the Android, in which you have to land a spaceship on the lunar surface, represented by a colored line. Like the old 8-bit classic Thrust, but with all of fun bits removed.

ZeptoRacer – This racing game takes forever to load and is hard worth the effort, as the controls are unwieldy and the vibrations that indicate that you are doing it all wrong are not only irritating but a real drain on the battery.

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