The Amazon Android tablet has entered into the tablet device competition with it's first tablet computer which runs on the Google Android operating system. One of the biggest benefits that you will notice right away is that it is being introduced into the market place at less than half the price of what it would cost to purchase the number one tablet on the market.

The fact that you can get almost the same level of functionality with the Amazon Android tablet at less than half the price makes it a very attractive offer for all of us who want to look at getting a new tablet device but may not want to learn a new operating system or spend so much more money to get one.

There are some small sacrifices that you will be making if you choose to purchase the kindle fire instead of one of the other top competitors like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom or any of the other major competitors. But when you look at all of the functionality and built-in features that the Amazon Android tablet is providing you with at such a low cost then it may be well worth the sacrifice to be able to enjoy such a practical and fun device at such a low cost.

Many people may even prefer having a smaller 7 inch screen that allows them to play games, read books or surf the web and store the device away in a purse, back pack or just keep it handy in it's own little carrying case. And for most tablet users 8GB of storage is more than enough to meet all of their storage needs especially with more and more people choosing to use cloud storage, which provides faster and more reliable access to online data for meeting their online storage needs.

Another unique feature of this Amazon Android tablet device which is being introduced as the Amazon Kindle Fire, is that it is the first tablet computer to have the Amazon Silk browse as it's default web browser. This is a special feature that Amazon created to give users a faster and better online web browsing experience. This is another very good reason why this Amazon Android tablet is being considered one of the first true alternatives to the higher price tablet competitors in it's class.

Amazon has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with it's previous releases of electronic devices which include a number of different kindle eBook readers and they also enjoy a huge online presence in the online shopping and ecommerce space, so it is quite possible that they may have another winner on there hands with the release of their Amazon Android tablet the Kindle Fire.

Only time will tell and there is sure to be plenty of feedback on how well the device works and with that feedback Amazon is likely to make improvements and enhancements to make it even better. The big question next will be can they deliver an even better product at an equally impressive price?

Source by Kim B Brown




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