This is an android tablet that comes with a 7 inch touchscreen. It also comes with a webcam so as to help one to video chat effectively. The android runs on the android operating system and it is loved by the android fans. Of course, the android fans love the fact that they can be able to download applications from the thousands of apps that are found in the android marketplace. The android marketplace lets you download applications and then customize according to your own unique needs. In this way, you will be able to store unique applications that will cater for your every day needs. Though there are thousands of applications to choose from, in reality, you will be able to download only a few applications at a time as you will be limited by the storage capacity on your phone and the restrictions enforced by Google itself. The tablet has a processor speed of 720 MHz while it has an internal memory of 256MB. This fairly fast processor speed enables you to perform your applications in a fats and convenient way.

The RAM size is more than many laptops and Personal computers. The tablet also has a Wi-Fi which means that you can easily connect to the internet in a hot spot area. This will allow you to browse the web in a fats and convenient way. One of the advantages of a wide screen is that it enables you to view web pages as they without them having to be compressed. This removes the need for zooming in and out of web pages. You can also open many tabs at a go and therefore spending less time on the internet. You will also access the chat messaging services that are available. The chat messaging services include IM, SMS and emails. You will thus be able to chat up your friends and stay in touch with them.

You can also post updates on social sets as twitter and Myspace.You will also get to view what your friends and collections are up to. In addition there are preinstalled maps which when used with the GPS navigation services will help you easily pinpoint the location of a place. You will thus be able to go to a new direction and place without having to ask anyone for the directions. You will also get to use a sliding multi touch screen which just makes the phone elegant. You can also get to read documents on this tab. For instance, there are ebooks as well as office word processing documents. There is Document To Go that lets you access documents in word, excel or PDF. There are many languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are supported on this tab and therefore is almost certain that the language you are using is supported on this tab. The tab also comes with the Google chrome browser which essentially lets you to browse many web pages at a go by opening many tabs. The downloading of pages is also fairly fast.

As you can see this tab is fairly elegant and has many functionality. When going to purchase it make sure that you inquire from as many different stores as possible. Also inquire about the warranty which ordinarily should be 12 months.

Source by David Ahmad




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