It is a battle between iOS and Android and this fight has evolved tremendously from Smartphones to Tablets. Strategy Analytics, a market research company, reports that on quarter four of 2010, Android Tablets sold in the market has tremendously increased to 22% of the market share. This increase in the market share in Q4 is a tenfold increase as compared to that of Q3 of the same year.

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet contributed to the large jump in the market share for the last quarter of last year. Apple iPad distributed around 7.3 million iPad units in Q4 of 2010. On the other hand, Android Tablets accounted for 75% of the shipments made worldwide. The strong sale of Android Tablets is seen as continuously emerging despite the fact that Honeycomb or Android 3.0 has not yet been released in the tablet market. Android 3.0 is expected to rise as the main competitor of Apple iPad once this is made available to the public. As the battle continues, Apple iPad is scheduled to release Apple iPad 2 this year. For now, let us try to understand why customers prefer to buy Android Tablets over Apple iPad.

iPad has amazing graphics, clear videos, touch screen sensitivity, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 10 hours battery life, games and other applications that can be installed in this unit. An Android Tablet, on the other hand, has an open source for Operating System. This means users can still improve on the applications and coding. There are more games and applications developed with Android Tablet. It has GPS, 3G and allows users to read e-books. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth similar to iPad. Android Tablet has a camera and flash support while iPad does not have this feature. You can do multi-tasking just like iPad and it is relatively cheaper in terms of cost.

As for the disadvantages of the two products, iPad does not have a camera and lacks USB port. It does not support flash. Likewise, YouTube, CBS and Huku are reportedly to be problematic with iPad. It does not have GPS too. For Android Tablet, its battery life is not the same as that of an iPad.

What Apple iPad does not have right now, it may have in the near future especially with iPad 2 coming out in the market soon. The same goes with Android Tablets. This is seen as an unending battle between the two. What these two are undergoing right now is similar to how it was before in the cellular phone market. As one or two features become basic, additional and more sophisticated features are incorporated in cell phones. The Tablet market is no different from this.

Laptop users and cell phone users have identified their need for tablets. The tablet market is relatively new and is still unsaturated so users will have to scrutinize between the two to meet their tablet needs and observe on who will still lead the race.

Source by Peter Babich




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