So if you're HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, you like to add your own flavor to Google Android. That comes in the form of a user interface such as Sense and Touchwiz, to name just a few. Manufacturers put these UI's over top of Android and this gives them a level of distinction in a market that's crowded by Android devices. I personally like this and think it's a solid marketing tool. How many of you chose your phone because you like the look? Quite a few of you I bet. So here's the million dollar question. Actually lets make it only a couple of dollars. Would you pay a couple of bucks to use another UI?

Some of you geeks, me included can realize this through a rooted device. But for the majority of Android users this could be a welcome solution to changing your look. Granted you can also use themes on ADW launcher and Launcher Pro, but I'm talking about a full UI experience. Imagine picking up your Galaxy S2 and wondering what HTC Sense would look like on it. You jump over to Google Play and you type in "HTC Sense". You then download the official HTC Sense launcher and away you go. Your phone feels like a new phone from the moment you boot it up.

Would you pay for this privilege? I think I would. It's also another sales channel for manufacturers. The likes of HTC and Samsung might be able to sell the use of their UI for a couple of dollars. This can add up! Additional sales channels for manufacturers is needed. Not necessarily for Samsung who are on top of the world at the moment. But for the likes of HTC who could use a boost, this could be invaluable.

I'm certain that a lot of development would need to be carried out to make this a reality, but I believe it's worth merit. Sometimes we'll see a new category on Google Play called User Interfaces or Home Launchers. There are no doubt quite a few people that would like the "pure" Google experience. Well you're in luck if you've already phone has a manufacturers version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. You can go to the Google Play store and download either Apex or Nova launchers which will give you what I call the pure experience.

What are your thoughts?

Source by John McVee




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