What are RPG Games? Role Playing Games, or 'RPG Games' as they are commonly referred to in the gaming world, are a category of games in which a player can assume any character he or she chooses to be. These games open up a whole new world of possibilities wherein one could take on a role either strikingly similar to their very own personality or the exact opposite of it. Today, some of the best PC games are of the RPG genre.

These games have the tendency and capability of engrossing you for hours into a virtual world bound only by your imagination. Players can assume the persona of a prom queen or a football star; a hero who saves the world or a blood sucking vampire. Playing RPG games definitely needs a good system configuration. A good graphics card, a decent size display and speakers would add to the joy of playing.

Before beginning any RPG, you must understand that you are merely role-playing, and that nothing that happens in your fantasy world is real. If there is any chance at all of you mixing up the two, then steer clear of role-playing. Although many people will take things too far, some people become so immersed in the role that they will cease to function as themselves any longer. Do not let that happen to you.

One of the best but darkest games available is Vampire Clans that war amongst each other while seeking out new skills, new capabilities and new weapons. You also must collect minions to do your bidding, while taking part in battles to kill off your enemies. The entire game is set in darkness, and is appropriately creepy with ominous music and shadows. There is an ever increasing number of RPG games being released these days – there is one for everyone out there!

Below is a list of the best RPG PC Games of 2009:


Diablo 3

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dawn of War 2

Happy Gaming!

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