Dell Streak tablet device is the new technology device that is making waves these days. This device has been launched first in UK in early June. In fact, you can easily purchase them at so many stores like O2. This great tablet has been gaining so much popular that even not any other dell products. There could be much reason for it and the major one being the hardware and its design that impresses everyone. You have good flexible things attached with this mobile phone. There is a great web browsing experience that you get with this device. You have multi tasking capability along with slick turn navigation in to it. You can easily enjoy the photo navigation, movies and music and sleek device that is built in to it for mobility.

Dell Streak Specifications

Dell Streak has following features associated with it. It has 5-inch capacitive multi touch WVGA display. You have video browsing experience in to it. It has 1GHz snapdragon with its ARM based mobile processor in to it. It has 5MP focus camera. Dell Tablet has great features that involve LED flash that gives you easy point and shooting capability that helps you in easily uploading any video to many sites. You also have the video chatting flexibility with the VGA front facing capacity available in it. It also has a removable battery. A headphone jack is 3.5 mm, is also included in it. You can use it for your music source. Other features include 3G facility with Wi-Fi and 32 GB memory. The Bluetooth specification includes external keyboards and stereo headsets etc. you get to enjoy UMTS / GPRS and EDGE facilities. There is an expandable micro SD that can be easily expanded to 32GB.

Dell Streak Software features

When you look at the software operating system that is inside this Dell Streak version, you will find many of them that makes it user accessible. You get a multi version Google Operating system with the use of Dell Interface. The interface and the operating system are easily customized. With the use of Android market place, it gives you access to 38,000 applications. You also get integration with Microsoft exchange connectivity along with Touchdown flexibility. Dell Tablet helps you with Google voice support. With Google maps application, you can easily turn on the navigation and get the maximum satellite views. You also get very quick access to social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook etc.

Streak Tablet Storage capacity

Dell Tablet uses 512 MB ROM along with 512 MB RAM. You also get 1 user accessible Micro SD slot that is easily expandable to 32GB. For the use of internal memory, you have 2 GB. These dell streak specs are easily used to have better storage capacity.

Get going with the Dell Tablet

Dell Streak is really a cool and portable device that can be used for the best purpose of storage too. It is future direction in form of tablets. With good web kit compatible experience and good media playback system, you are surely going to enjoy this new technical phone. You can have good Dell streak review in front of you with so many sites.

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