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27 Feb 2021

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Engineer’s Automated, Hidden Basement Entrance

Engineer’s Automated, Hidden Basement Entrance 

This is a video of the hidden basement entrance constructed by an engineer for his home in Baltimore, Maryland. Some more info while I wish I had a cool, hidden anything in my house besides nudie mag stash. “In a Nike shoebox in the closet.” Honey!:

“This is a video of a family friend’s entryway into their basement. The dad who built it is an engineer and is not the dad talking in the video, but the one standing at the bottom of the stairs. Many people asked how water would stay out, there is a drain at the bottom of the stairs and then a sealed door into the basement.”

Based on the way that guy is talking in the video you’d never guess he wasn’t the man responsible. It’s always awkward when your neighbors come over and get too drunk. Like you live two houses down, go back home and pee on your own toilet seat, Alan.

Keep going for the video while I ruminate on how Alan really is the absolute worst.

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