This is an ereader tablet that is basically designed for students. It has a 9.7 inch screen on one of the sides and 10.1 inch color LCD which is on the other side. In fact, the company variously refers to this device as a dual book. This android tablet ereader can be used to download and read ebooks as well as take notes and lectures on a stylus. The device also comes with many application features that can be of great help and offer moments of fun as you are immersed in your academic work. Some people say that the plastic cover chassis lacks style and elegance although this is a matter of opinion. The manufacturers probably wanted something that would really depict the serious nature of academics.

When this device is opened, the first thing that one notices is the profound hinge that enables one to easily see the content of the materials in 180 degrees. It is possible for you to fold the hinge so that you can just see one display at a time. You can also customize the screen to whichever degree you like so long as it suits you. There are rubber strips on the inside and outside of the plastic chassis to keep the tablet strong and not to slide.

Some people may find the edge quite weighty and so it advisable that you hold the tablet as a book rather than with only one arm. Holding the device with only one arm will strain your hands after about only half an hour. There are Edge ports which are located just outside the electronic paper display. There are also slots for SIM cards and SD cards which are located next to the USB PC port. On the top of the edge sits a Wi-Fi switch which enables you to be connected to the internet should you want to browse the web. There is a rechargeable lithium battery which powers the device.

The screen of this device can be used to watch videos and for browsing the internet. It also allows users to send and receive emails and to also use the Microsoft office documents and to be able to manipulate them to their specifications. There are many important applications that have been inbuilt into this tablet. For instance, you can easily monitor and mark important dates using the inbuilt calendar application.This will help you keep track of your appointments. This device operates on the android operating system and as such, there is unrestricted access to thousands of applications.

The two screens of this ereader are able to interact effectively. For instance, users can easily search for ebooks in Google, a dictionary or enter a search term into Wikipedia on the LCD side of the screen. As information gets more digitized by the day, the demand for such devices will keep on increasing and such increase will obviously lead to widespread use of these devices. Books, newspapers and magazines companies have all started adapting their content to suit this trend so that they are not rendered obsolete by this latest trend. Some have however complained of increasing plagiarism of their works.

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