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12 Jun 2021

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For Sale: This Impressive Millennium Falcon Steel Fire Pit

For Sale: This Impressive Millennium Falcon Steel Fire Pit 

This is one of the Millennium Falcon fire pits welded and laser cut by Alex Dodson of UK-based Burned By Design (previously). The 3mm mild steel pit measures approximately 29″ x 15″ x 16″ and the entire rear half hinges upward to replace logs or stoke the fire. The made-to-order pits (6 – 8 week lead time) are currently available for sale in the Burned By Design Etsy store for $1,200 plus around $200 shipping outside of the UK. That’s not cheap, but owning one will make you the envy of all your Star Wars loving friends. Add this AT-AT grill, this TIE fighter fire pit, and this Darth Vader mask fire pit to your collection and they may never leave. Hey Joseph, your wife’s on the phone and– “I’M MAKING ANOTHER S’MORE.” He says he’s making another s’more, Julia. What do you want me to– okay, one more and I’ll get the fire extinguisher.

Keep going for some more shots.

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