Why do you want to learn how to do magic tricks ?

Probably because they are pretty cool to watch and you can not help but imagine what your buddies will be thinking if you were to perform some of those tricks for them.

Ok, so let's say that you love magic and you want to learn how to do magic tricks so you can show your friends and have them guessing how you did them all night long. But since there are so many types of tricks to choose from, which should you pick? Let me give you a couple of my favorites.

1. Close-Up Magic

Close-Up Magic, like the name suggests, is when you do tricks that are up close and personal for a small group of people. Places like your house, office or your local pub. The fact that it is so personal is what sets the great atmosphere for the tricks.

Of course when you are first learning how to do magic tricks, you will not be able to do the stuff that Criss Angel can do, but there are many easier tricks that you can perform in this type of intimate setting.

For example you can do card and coin tricks. These are great to perform because of how flexible these types of tricks are. Most people have a deck of cards in their house or coins in their pocket, so depending on the trick, you can use their cards or coins to do some sleight of hand or mind reading tricks. People are even more amused when you use their stuff to pull off your tricks.


Illusions in my opinion are the most entertaining of all of the magic arts. They can also be the hardest to master. If you are just learning how to do magic tricks, then you should probably start off by doing some of the easiest tricks first.

The beauty of illusions is that when the more complicated ones are done correctly, the audience walks away both amused and confused because they can not believe what they have just seen.

Now, while the very experienced magicians can do these illusions like it's second nature, the beginner will probably struggle for a while to make it look real. But let's be realistic here … the pros have practiced their illusions for many years.

It's probably a good idea for a beginner to start off with some of the easier tricks like the interlocking metal rings for example. These rings have a hard to see splitting point that will need a little work to find but with enough practice you can make it look like you're a pro.

Once you have perfected these easier magic illusions, then you can move on to the more challenging ones. The more challenging illusions of course will need lots of practice, but do not give up because once you get them down, you will totally blow away your audience.

Look at the master of illusion Criss Angel … do you think he learned how to do magic tricks overnight? Heck no!

Source by Jim Porter




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