A lot of people out there love their Android phones and they like to install apps on them. After all, what is an Android phone without Android apps? An Android phone without Android apps wouldn't be very practical. The good thing about apps is that they're useful and they're addictive and they're really good tools for your Android device. With the good however, comes the bad. Having lots of apps means using up a lot of memory. If you have an old phone you're going to fill up the internal storage pretty quickly by downloading apps. If your internal memory is full, it's not going to be good for your device. You will basically have to limit your app downloads, so that's not good for all Android users. Most of us just want to download apps as we want but the fact is that our phones only have so much internal storage available. Below are a few ways you can free up some of the internal storage on your device.

There are a few good Android apps you can download from the Google Play store to help with freeing up memory.

The first app I recommend downloading is Apps2sd (this app requires root access). This application allows you to store all your apps on your SD card. This means you will be able to download more apps while still using the same amount of internal storage. If you tap on the icon it's going to ask if you have root. When you open the app it will show you a list of applications. The apps displayed under the 'MOVABLE' menu are actually the apps which you can move to your SD card. At the bottom of the screen you will see how much storage you have used up. In the 'MOVABLE' menu you can easily move applications to your SD card by tapping on the icons and then selecting 'Move to SD card'. Once you do this, it will also give you the option of clearing the cache.

The next app is Cache Cleaner NG . This is an application which lets you clean your cache. A lot of applications include a cache which can fill up the memory. Once you open the app, you simply need to tap 'clean now'. Doing so will clear all the cache for you. Once you clean the cache it will tell you the amount of cache you have cleaned from your device.

The next app is SanDisk Memory Zone . This application lets you see all your files on your SD card and your internal memory. With this app, you can easily view any data you have stored on your phone. If you hold down on a file, you can choose to move it to the internal memory or your external memory (SD card). You also have the option of uploading it to an online storage service. The other options you have available are to delete it, make private and share on Facebook. If you tap 'online storage' you can choose and setup your online storage servers. The choices here include Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Picasa, SugarSync and Facebook.

Last but not least is Astro File Manager . This app allows you to manage all your files on your SD card and internal storage. Once in the File Manger you will see all the folders on your SD card. You can easily add shortcuts to your SD card onto your home screen. To do this, press menu on your phone, then press preferences, scroll down to the bottom and tap on home screen, and finally, tap on SD card. This will add a shortcut to your SD card onto your Home screen. If you tap on the shortcut, it will show you the amount of memory each folder takes up. You can now easily see which files take up the most memory on your phone. From here, you can choose to delete the files or move them onto your SD card.

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