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15 May 2021

Blog Post

How to share large video files on Android

How to share large video files on Android 

Videos can be trickier than photos to share with friends and family. If you’ve captured more than a few seconds of content, the original file ends up too big to send directly through text message or a chat app like WhatsApp or Hangouts. You can’t upload and send it as-is.
Fortunately, the default photo gallery app on your phone should have built-in features that circumvent this problem. You just select the video you want to share, generate a link, and then send that URL to your recipient. The app takes care of uploading the file to the cloud and all the other back-end work.
Here are the details of how to do it.
How to share video on Android
These screenshots show the process for sharing a video through the default photo gallery app on a Samsung Galaxy phone.
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