You can sync your iPhone with outlook calendar as well as Google calendar. The process is quite simple. Outlook calendar can be synced with iTunes software whereas iCal is used to sync Google calendar with your iPhone.

Using iTunes to sync your iPhone with Outlook Calendar:

• Open iTunes software.

• Upgrade it to the most recent version (recommended). For this you need click the Help menu on the header and then choose the option – “Check for Updates”.

• Connect the iPhone cable to your computer.

• Now, choose iPhone as the source list and then click the “Info” tab.

• Choose the option “Sync Outlook calendars” and press “Apply” button.

• Your computer would now sync the calendar with your iPhone based on the settings in the software.

Using iCal to sync your iPhone with Google calendar:

Step 1: Choosing the private address of your Google calendar from your Google account

• Login to Google account with your username and password.

• Once authentication is successful, visit the Google calendar page.

• Now choose the calendar that you want to sync by pressing the downward arrow on the left bar.

• Choose “Share this calendar” from the drop down menu.

• Then, click on the tab named “Calendar Details”.

• Locate the “Private Address” section at the bottom.

• Then, click on the green button named “iCal”.

• A pop-up window will appear now that would display the URL of the private address of your Google calendar.

• This is a very important link as it gives complete access to your calendar. Hence, do not share this link with anybody else.

• Select the URL and press “CTRL + C” to copy it to the clipboard.

Step 2: Procedure of the iCal software

• Launch the iCal application.

• Choose “Calendar” option from the top menu and click “Subscribe”.

• Paste the private address that you have just copied into the clipboard using “CTRL + V”.

• Click on “Subscribe” to subscribe your iPhone to your personal calendar.

• An information window would open where you need to type the name and also write a short description about the calendar.

• Now, you can choose what all to import. For example, you may choose not to import attachments / alarms whereas you may want to import “To Do Items”.

• Now you need to choose the time interval for Auto-Refresh in order to determine the frequency at which the iCal application should refresh the Google calendar.

• Press “OK” and you would see your calendar items in the left pane of your “iCal” window.

• The next time you sync your iPhone, the calendar items would also be synced.

Source by Kum Martin




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