Right off the bat, it is a fact that one can never read minds like we see in the movies or read in books – where a character such as Twilight 's Edward can actually hear your thoughts. However, do not fret because when you read about these secrets for mind reading tricks, you could be as good as them without having any supernatural powers.

Mind reading is actually a very critical human skill. It is how we make sense of another person's behavior and reach decisions as to what we will do. Here are some tips on how to understand what another person is thinking of through their actions:

Observe the eyes. When a person is interested in something they just thought of or saw, their pupils usually enlarge – and shrinks if he / she is generally not interested. Another interesting tip is looking at the direction of the eyes. This is usually true for right-handed people. For left-handed people, simply reverse the directions. If their eyes go up and to the right, they are usually remembering a visual image. If their eyes go up and to the left, they are usually constructing a visual image. If their eyes go down to the right, they are usually engaged in internal dialogue. If their eyes go down to the left, they are usually trying to remember kinesthetic feelings.

Observe the mouth. A slightly open mouth is a sign of general interest and curiosity.

Observe the posture. If a person is leaned toward you, this is usually a sign that he or she wants to know more about you or what you are talking about.

Being keen observers will make us good mind readers. Practice these secrets to mind reading tricks, and understand your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones better.

Source by Lisa J. Brown




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