The newest Android 4.0 operating system offers a refined user interface for both their phones and tablets. The operating system comes with integrated features and technical components that make it simple, beautiful and chic. The article enlists its social and sharing features that make the Android 4.0 platform the desirable choice for the developers.

Integrated framework for tablets, phones, etc.

The integrated framework of Android 4.0 enables the developer to create innovative applications that can be used in all the platforms of tablets and phones. The new operating system includes the familiar features of Android 3.x. The APIs (Application Programming Interface) and the interface elements remain similar. Application Development for Androidon the Android 4.0 platform means new UI tools, basic code and resources, unswerving design practices and streamlined development process across a range of devices.

Sharing and Communication: The 4.0 has an extended range of social and sharing features which allows the application to integrate contacts, stream items, profile data, and other calendar events from any of the users social networking profiles.

  • Social API: This provides a unified store for profile data, contacts, photos, etc. This information can be made accessible over other networks and apps. The developers can adjoin powerful new interactions that would span the contact resources and multiple social networks.
  • Calendar API: The shared calendar content framework API makes it easy for the developers to integrate the calendar services with their applications.
  • Visual Voicemail API: The API and a shared voicemail provider would enable the android architects to construct applications that would contribute towards a more integrated voicemail store. The voicemails can now be played or displayed on the call log tab of the phone.
  • Android Beam: A Near Field Communication-based feature, it allows the users for instant sharing of the information about the applications that are being used. The sharing can be done by just touching the screen. For the developers, this feature triggers any proximal-based interaction. The users can now instantly change information, play multiplayer games and chat or video call etc.
  • Modular sharing widget: The Android 4.0 framework is inclusive of a new widget, the ShareActionProvider. This allows the developer to embed the standard share functionality and user-interface in the Action Tab of their applications.

The new Android 4.0 comes with the features that people love and need the most. They are multitasking, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, rich notifications and platform for deep interactivity. All this has further promoted the development of android applications. The integrated feature of being able to share and commune has made the Android 4.0 the more preferred and a versatile platform for application development.

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