T-Mobile have now launched the first Android phone manufactured by LG, the new LG GW620 is part of the InTouch series and known as the LG InTouch Max, this new model joins the range which also includes the KS360, GW300 and more recent and closely related LG GW520.

LG is looking to bring the Android operating system to the masses with their new budget priced LG GW620, this new phone is now the cheapest Android phone on the market and offers some great features.

To start with the LG GW620 incorporates a very useful slide out Qwerty keyboard for quick and easy text input when updating social network profiles, texting and emailing, for quick messages and menu navigation this latest LG phone also offers a 3.0 inch touch screen TFT display.

Add to this a good quality 5.0 mega pixel camera with autofocus, face detection and a dual LED flash and you can soon see what great value for money the LG GW620 proves to be, these features are sometimes standard on some of the most expensive models.

Making this first Android phone even more attractive is the inclusion of Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth, HSDPA and 3G + capabilities plus an expandable memory of up to 32GB with MicroSD cards.

All of this in a handset that is free on £ 20 per month line rental tariffs on T-Mobile!

Joining the LG GW620 on the same release day is a new Android offering from Samsung, this also is set to open up the Android phone market to those on a tight budget as this too can be ordered on T-Mobile's £ 20 tariffs for free. The Samsung Galaxy Spica is the little brother to the original Samsung Android phone – the Samsung Galaxy and is also known as the Galaxy Lite as well as its rebranded name on T-Mobile as the Samsung Galaxy Portal.

Although no slide out Qwerty keyboard is available the Samsung Spica does include a good sized 3.2 inch touch sensitive screen along a 3.2 mega pixel camera, this has disabled the dimensions of the phone down to create a slim and sleek handset for the Android market.

The new LG GW620 and Samsung Galaxy Spica are both T-Mobile exclusive launches meaning they will only be available on T-Mobile's pay monthly tariffs for the first month of their release, after this time has passed it is highly anticipated that these two new phone will be quickly picked up by Orange as well as other network operators.

Although two of the cheapest Android phones on the market, the LG GW620 and Samsung Spica do have competition from more expensive models, in particular is the recently released Motorola Milestone that also offers a slide out keyboard, others include the Acer Liquid, HTC Hero, T-Mobile G2 Touch and latest Nexus One Google phone as well as the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

Source by Susan Hargreaves




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