For all those who have a passion for photography can safely bank upon Nokia N93 that comes as a true gratification of their dreams. Since it comes as a part of the prestigious N series, it is hence, an ideal piece of mobile telephony that certainly comes with a wow factor in it. Thus Nokia N93 looks more like a digital camcorder than a mobile phone. However, we hope to find each one of them in our attempt to unravel this handset gradually.

Nokia N93 is a chunky handset, in fact, it is the heaviest handsets available in the market. However that is to an extent understandable as this handset is a 3G capable device, and a high resolution camcorder justifies the heaviness of this mobile phone. The features of this mobile phone are also great and highly advanced. Like it works on Tri-Band GSM network along with the support of GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth and Infrared for better connectivity. So, you can easily connect to the World Wide Web and check your e-mails at amazing pace, thanks to its inbuilt Wi-Fi and 3G features that stimulates this process a little further.

Coming to the ultra superior camera that comes as a part of the N93 package, it is a powerful 3.15 Mega Pixels that is adorned with Carl Zeiss optic zoom plus Vario Tessar lens that completely blows the imagination of the user. Its 20x optic zoom shows the advanced nature of this handset which promises to keep its rarity amongst the other similar handsets in the market. Nokia N93 is also capable of recording videos in a VGA resolution that enables it in recording DVD quality videos at 60 FPS and the recording can go up to 1 hour. Further, it has a secondary VGA resolution camera that serves the purpose of video calling in this handset.

As far as the other features are concerned, Nokia N93 has been powered with an MP3 player and an FM radio that allows you to carry your favorite music, wherever you go. Also you are able to directly view the clicked photographs into a TV screen with its TV out feature. Also, there is an ample memory in this handset that can further be expanded with the help of a memory card.

So, Nokia N93 looks like a fairly impressive piece of technology that inculcates all the high end features. Its weight may be a drawback and can prove to be a stumbling block in its mass appeal but photography freaks would surely fall in love with this handset.

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