Apple iPhone has started shipping to UK and it is expected to hit the market in early November. The heat is on and the anticipation is mounting because this device is going to hit the mobile phone market very soon. Apple iPhone is one of the most stylish devices in the town and the users are hoping to grab it as soon as possible. Ere the hullabaloo of Apple iPhone, Nokia N95 was in news and it had become really popular with everyone. Now Nokia N95 is ready to hit the mobile phone market in a new avatar called Nokia N95 8GB which is expected to take the mobile phone market by storm.

It comes with a colossal memory of 8 GB in comparison to the expandable card slot in the original version. Also, the Nokia N95 can store up to 6000 songs in its memory which makes it as a gadget par excellence. Thus Nokia N95 has pulled up its strings to outshine the Apple iPhone. This mobile phone is far better than the Apple iPhone as it comes bundled with an array of high end features in this mobile phone. And all the eyes are anticipating the arrival of Apple iPhone because it has been a smash hit in the US and its hype is also stirring the users towards it. Apple iPhone was welcomed whole heartedly in the United States. According to a report, 1 million Apple iPhones have been sold in the US alone and now the feat is waiting to be repeated in the mobile phone market of UK.

The users are quite familiar with the device as it's the same US model that has been sent to UK. The users have been completely bewitched by the charm of the Apple iPhone. However, it cannot be said that the phone is without any cons. For instance, the 3G application in the iPhone is missing. The Nokia N95 8GB and Apple iPhone- Both are pitted against each other and the competition is only expected to get fiercer!

Source by Elizabeth Wills




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