Are your digital photos in your cell phone constantly growing? Do you want to save the trouble for managing them in PC? Photo Manager is the app you need. It is a multifunctional application specially utilized to view, edit and manage your digital photos only by your android phone. I believe many people especially girls would like to take pictures by their cell phones, and then you need an easy-to-use assistant to organize and optimize your digital pictures.

It enables you to classify pictures according to time (start from the newest) and folder (in alphabetical order), which gives you a clear view on your pictures. Plus, Camera Photos list all the pictures taken by cell phone, rather than copied by other ways. As is known to everyone, personal pictures belong to individual privacy, which you don't want to be casually seen by others.This tool can meet this requirement for you by Private Photos, which is a folder to collect your private pictures. Users have to enter password every time for entering this folder. You may put some private pictures you don't want others to see by the function of hiding photos.

You may preview pictures in gallery, which is convenient for viewing pictures one by another.Whether rotating, zooming or cropping your pictures, with this app, it's quick, easy and time-saving. Plus, it can realize the function of automatically searching and displaying files of SD card every time then you entering this app.

To sum up, Photo Manager is a handy tool that makes it easier to view, edit and organize your digital pictures by your android phone.

Source by Nola Huang




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