Almost a decade ago when iPhone started the smartphone revolution, few would have imagined that within a short while, Android phones would end up dominating the market. The Android operating system with its open platform enables both hardware manufacturer's and developers greater freedom to create products targeted towards customer satisfaction.

The ease at which this operating system can be adopted by manufacturers has led to numerous cheap Android phones in the market. These have left consumers spoiled for choice. Wi-Fi enabled Android phones enable users to save more money on expensive data plans.

Google Nexus 5
The Google Nexus 5 is made by LG. This Android phone is considered to be in a class of its own. It provides outstanding value compared to other versions. Among the phone's top-notch specifications are an 800 processor and a high-definition screen. Despite its 8 megapixel camera, it also has LTE connectivity. This Android phone is very affordable even when purchased off contract. Compared to purchasing the unlocked Galaxy S4, you save hundreds of dollars.

Sony Xperia Z
Apart from its attractive design, this phone is waterproof and dust resistant. It has a big bright screen that is excellent for viewing videos and movies. It has a camera that takes great photos. In addition to having 4 GLTE, the phone's sound and call quality is excellent.

The phone's processor is not as powerful as other phones in its range. Its battery life is rather short. It also has a camera that is rather slow.

The HTC One
This phone has an attractive metal design in addition to having excellent hardware and components. This clean Android Jelly Bean UI is simple yet refreshing. Its non-contract price is quite high.

One setback of this phone is that it lacks some extras present in the HTC sense. Nevertheless, it is still tempting to buy because of its elegant design and top-notch components.

Samsung Galaxy S 4
Compared to other Android phones in the market, the Galaxy S 4 comes with the most powerful hardware specifications. It is a simple yet elegant Jelly Bean UI. This Android phone lacks the bloat ware that is a hallmark of handsets offered by carriers. It is thus an excellent choice for consumers who demand total freedom from carriers. On the downside, this new Galaxy S 4 lacks much of Samsung's smart software and photo capabilities. The handset's s high price is another big deterrent to consumers that are not Android enthusiasts.

LG Nexus 4
This LG phone provides an experience that is quite pure and refreshing. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is loaded with camera features and photo editing capability. It is powered by a fast quad-core processor. It provides unrivaled user experience and its internal performance is marvelous when compared to other phones in its range. On the downside, the Nexus 4 is constructed in a solid but uninspiring manner. If you prefer getting yourself an unlocked phone, a similar LTE phone could be a better choice.

Source by Charles O. Momo




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