Are you into technology? Are you even more into small gadgets with built in the latest state of the art technology? Well then you are going to love the tablet PC. This is a notebook that is the same size as a paper tablet. With the tablet PC; you are given the chance to make your computing experience one of the easiest ones.

It comes with a touch screen which means that you may never have to struggle with keypads ever again. With the high resolution digital monitor, you operate the computer with a digital pen rather than a mouse or keyboard.

There are two formats that come with the PC. You get the convertible model and the slate model. With the convertible one, you get the chance to use the gadget with a 180 degree rotation which makes it easier to use and also very friendly.

The slate one is only a screen and a pen which makes it very easy to carry it around when in the middle of a conference or meeting that requires a computer. These computers are manufactured by various companies and that makes it easy for you to find the best one for a good price.

Unlike other gadgets that come with a touch screen, this one is very convenient. This is so because you can rest your hand on the screen without affecting the images. This is so because the images on the screen can only be affected by the digital pen which has a magnet at the tip.

At first, it was really difficult to find the tablet pc and the tablet laptop. Tablet laptop was only used in medical research and was not available to the public. All that changed when they were introduced to the public on the year 2002. Now they are everywhere and are being considered the future of computer.

There are many things about the PC that have improved over the year and it is easier to use than it was before. For one, the battery life has been increased which means that you can operate the gadget for a longer period of time without having to worry about the power going out.

The Centrino technology has also improved and you can now write on the screen the same way you would on a piece of paper. The alternative of this would be to carry a laptop to the office or class which can waste your time turning on and it's also heavier than this one.

Compared to other types of notebooks, this PC is very light and you will never have a hard time carrying it around. In fact, the whole thing weighs 3 pounds which is very light. You get the chance to use it in landscape mode and also portrait. This makes it easy for you to operate comfortably.

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