Ford Motors is one of the premier names in the American automobile industry. Some might argue that Ford Motors is the premier name in the industry. Certainly, the company's reputation for high-quality and high-performance vehicles is near legendary. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Ford SUV models reflect that reputation. The company's dedication to excellence is a legacy that has been consistently maintained from the first days, from the Ford Model-T, to the newest Ford SUV, sports car, vans, and street car models. Arguably, some of the company's finest work appears in their SUV marques: the Ford Expedition, the Ford Escape, and the Ford Edge.

The premier Ford SUV line, arguably, is the famed Ford Expedition. Easily one of the best designed SUVs around, the Expedition is also one of Ford Motors' best-selling automobiles to date. With a 300 horsepower, 3-valve engine, it easily outpowers any comparable model from the company's rivals. The rear wheel drive system also grants it additional driving flexibility in dry conditions and over rough terrain, in keeping with the notice that SUVs are used for outdoor driving. Capable of fitting up to eight people conveniently, the sacrifice of interior room for the rear wheel drive configuration is not clearly felt in the Expedition. Perhaps the only advantage the Expedition's competitors have is the fact that the Expedition has a higher price. Although, one can argue that the Ford Expedition's higher price is offset by the superior engine and drive configuration.

Following up the Expedition is the Ford Escape – another example of Ford SUV models having excellent quality and having a design that bears the end-user in mind. The Escape is usually outfitted with a 200 horsepower V6 engine, though some variants have been known to use a 153 horsepower I4 engine instead. Since being introduced in 2001, the Escape has consistently been given all-wheel drive configurations, which gives better Traction control for those tight, high-speed turns. The configuration also affords better stability at high speeds over rough terrain, making the configuration ideal for competitions such as the Le Mans 24 or the Indy 500. While the likelihood of seeing a stock Ford Escape in a race like those mentioned above is yet to be anticipated, that does not take away from the car's ability to handle some of the toughest terrain SUV can ever be driven through.

Finally, there is the latest addition to the Ford SUV line, the Ford Edge. The Edge is equipped with the new Duratec 35 engine, which allows the SUV to go to a maximum of 265 horsepower; though, there are varieties estimated of reaching up to 300 horsepower once certain features, like direct fuel injection, are added into the design. The Edge was made to bridge the gap between a van and a traditional SUV, so the Edge incorporates design elements from both types of cars. The Edge models, unlike the Expedition and Escape, offer a degree of flexibility with regards to drive configuration. At the moment, the Ford Edge can either be all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. Although slightly smaller than a van and slightly less capable of handling rough terrain than an SUV, the Ford Edge still manages to perform tasks of both vans and SUVs on an acceptable level.

Ford Motors clearly has not skimped out on quality with regards to the design of their new Ford SUV models. The three listed above, the Expedition, the Escape, and the Edge, all have their individual advantages and disadvantages but the mark of excellence in design and quality in production is unmistakable. With Ford SUV models like the aforementioned mentioned above, Ford Motors has a definite edge over other manufacturers.

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