The LG KF510 is a remarkable phone and may well be the finest fashion phone created by LG. It has been designed for those people who along with looks would love to have a ton of features packed into their phone. A lot of emphasis has been given to the design and look of this phone by LG.


There is no plastic involved in the design of this LG cell phone; it is constructed mainly of metal and glass and has a wonderful full metal finish. On the front of the phone we find a huge display of 2.2 inches and having a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Above the display to the top right there is a light sensor which can easily be mistaken for a front camera. The role of the light sensor is to adjust the screen brightness according to the lighting conditions in order to enhance battery life. Below the display there are a number of touch sensitive buttons which further add to the beauty of the phone. When active, these touch sensitive buttons emit a soft glow. On the left side of the phone there exits the volume up and down keys while on the right side of the phone there is the USB port that can be used for charging the phone, as a data cable port and to connect the headset. The camera becomes visible when the phone slides up, it is good that LG cell phones decided to place the camera behind the slider, this way the phone itself acts as a lens cover and protects the camera lens from any undesirable scratches.


The KF510 comes with a 3 mega pixel camera with built in power flash having a response time of one second. The camera interface is really easy to use and has tons of options, the camera also has an anti-shake feature which will definitely improve the quality of the pictures. This may well be one of the fastest cameras on the market since the pictures are saved as soon as they are taken, which means we do not have to wait for the phone to save the picture before we can take another. As for video recording the KF510 records in QVGA resolution (240 x 320) and such a high resolution is to be expected from such a camera.


The KF510 has an advanced mp3 player that can automatically sort songs into categories and subcategories such as artist, album and genre. It comes with 10 preset equalizer settings but sadly we can not edit these equalizers and cannot create new ones.

Source by Faraz Khan




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