Let me start this off by saying that every high level player has his own strategy, that helps him to win combats, make more gold and level up faster. If you want to succeed in World of Warcraft, you have to create your own strategy based on your experience. This article will tell you about some basic strategies and tips that every beginner needs to know.

Questing strategy:

Each area has a lot of quest. Stick to one area and complete all quests there, than go to another area. This tip will save your time because It takes a long time to fly cross continent. Complete green quests first. These quests are very easy and it takes a few minutes to complete some of these quests. These quests will provide you with additional gold, armor, weapon and XP. Do not buy gears at the beginning – quests will provide you with everything you need.

Gold Making strategy:

Leather working and Skinning are the best professions at the beginning. You will be able to make armor for yourself and save your gold. You can also turn a profit by selling what you do make to other players via the Auction House. Well, that is about all I got for now. I hope these basic tips will help you in wow. Thank you for reading.

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Source by Sergey Popov




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