This is an android tablet that has been manufactured by the ZTE Corporation of China. The android tablet runs on an android operating system model of 2.1. This tablet is very much similar to the Samsung Galaxy tablet. It comes with a 7-inch TFT touchscreen and weighs just about 400 grams. As such it can be easily fitted into the pocket and doesn't strain the hands too much. Although the tablet runs on the android OS 2.1, it can be easily upgraded to the android OS 2.2 froyo. This is a unique tablet as it supports the dual voice calling based on the UMTS 2100MHZ / 900 MHZ band. This is an internet device that is available on Wi-Fi. You can therefore have 3G connectivity. It can support the HSUPA network and one can download with a speed of 7.2 Mbps. You can also upload your documents with a speed of 5.76 Mbps.

You can thus browse the internet safely with this tablet. Because the screen size is fairly large, you won't have to struggle accessing the pages. The pages are not zoomed in and out in order for you to view them clearly. In addition, there are email and chat messaging which are available. The chat messaging services that are available in this network include IMS, SMS and Gtalk. You can thus chat with your friends and stay in touch with them. You can also easily update your status on the social networking websites. It is easy for you to easily access sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as they are just located on the screen. The tablet is also Bluetooth enabled thus enabling you to easily access documents and share many applications.

This tablet has 512 MB of RAM which is more powerful than many laptops and desktops. The speed is also twice as fast as the Apple iPad.The tablet also has a g-sensor. You also get to use a 3MP camera. This will allow you to record videos and take photos. The camera comes with an autofocus and image stabilization features. As such you will take very high quality videos and photos. You can upload, edit and share the photos with friends and relatives. The media application supports the MP3 / MP4 formats. You can thus be able to listen your music and video formats.

You also get access to the android market. The android market is a place where you can download thousands of applications and then customize them according to your needs. In reality however, you will only be able to download a few applications as Google sometimes puts a restriction on the number of apps that you can download. In addition this tablet comes with a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack that makes it easy for you to listen or watch a movie without outside noise interference. It also comes with Google maps and GPS navigation features. This will enable you to view streets, towns and cities.You will thus be able to pinpoint directions to places without much ado. A microSD slot enables you to increase the memory space of the hard disk. You can thus be able to store much music and videos. There is also a USB slot where you can connect the tablet to television and personal computer. The battery life is about 10 hour's non stop.

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